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about Switchback Studio

is a recording studio of Tohru Takayama to mixdown music .With various equipments, including from 60's vintage compressors to the newest plug-ins, it's possible to meet the needs of wide range of music.

My experience of more than 250 major artists, more than 2000 songs brought me the knowledge to help produce clients' music to better, fabulous sound.

Regardless of major artist or indies, we will also support online mix and mastering.

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Mix Down


Acoustic sound recording is not possible in this studio, but bring in equipment carefully selected to external studios.

Consulting on producing and

directing is also available.

From normal 2ch mix through 7.1.2ch Dolby Atmos, high quality sound images will be designed more musically depending on the usage such as for VRs, CMs, Lives, Games, and etc. 

Output in DDP files for CD production is possible. In addition, output for various media such as vinyl records, streaming, broadcasting and etc. is also available. Mastering only is OK.

Recent major recording contents

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Switchback Studio


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