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Tohru Takayama
Recording Engineer

Born in 1967 in Tateyama city, Chiba prefecture.


In 1985, started the career at "STUDIO TWO TWO ONE" in Yoyogi, Tokyo

while learning at Sound Technology College.


Name of the studio had changed to "MUSIC INN Yoyogi" due to the owner change. Those days, joined many major artists' sessions as an assistant engineer.


Such efforts allowed a role of the main recording engineer for "Flipper's Guitar" and "The Collectors" at the age of 22. 


Since then, through the independence from the engineer team, established own company studio “Switchback” in 2004.


In 2008, nominated for "The Best Surround Sound Album Award" in "51st Grammy Awards" by "Sensurround + B-sides" with Keigo Oyamada.


The Remix area relating to "CORNELIUS", worked for many songs with overseas artists such as BECK, STING, BLUR, JAMES BROWN, TAHITI 80, BLOC PARTY, MONEY MARK, COLDCUT, The Avalanches, The Bird And The Bee, IF BY YES, Yoko Ono.


Since 2010, taking the post of the director of "Japan Association of Recording Engineers".

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